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Retaining Wall Installation in and Around Dandridge, TN

Are you ready to rid your yard of uneven hills and slopes? If so, Newcomb Outdoors is here to add elevation and dimension to your landscaping with a retaining wall installation in Dandridge, TN and surrounding areas. Our dedicated team can include a retaining wall with your patio installation or provide standalone service for your total convenience.

Why Should I Build a Retaining Wall?

If you’re tired of the slant and slope of your lawn, a retaining wall will help. A retaining wall provides homes with the elevated ground and a range of practical and aesthetic benefits you’ll absolutely love. Your lawn’s safety, space and value will increase after having a retaining wall installed. Here’s why a retaining wall may be suitable for your home:

Erosion Prevention

Over time, the soil starts crumbling and deteriorating. Retaining walls hold soil in position and maintain your lawn’s strength.

Flood Prevention

Retaining walls Provide your property with draining channels that divert rainwater away from your yard and prevent water damage.

More Outdoor Space

The elevated platforms provide more space for gardening, plants and lawn furniture. Expand the area and reach of your yard.

Attractive Landscape Feature

Add depth, dimension and beauty to your lawn’s aesthetic with a gorgeous retaining wall providing character for your property.

Boosted Market Value

Robust soil, flood prevention, expanded space and elevated landscaping will catch the attention of potential homebuyers when you decide to sell.

retaining wall and flowers

Make Your Lawn More Functional

A sloped landscape is not only hard to mow, but also hard to protect from erosion. Turn to our professional landscaping company and get a better solution for your landscape. We handle a variety of retaining wall installations, including:

  • Garden walls
  • Low-level retaining walls
  • Segmented walls
  • Gabion/MSE Walls

Schedule your residential or commercial retaining wall installation today and get a free estimate.

Gabion Baskets
Boulder Walls

Prevent Soil Erosion on Your Property

Have you recently noticed exposed tree roots rising to the surface of your lawn? Is soil or dirt building up on or around your driveway and walkways? If so, there’s a good chance that soil erosion is to blame. Prevent further erosion and restore the health and quality of your lawn by installing a retaining wall. Your retaining wall will hold soil in place, enabling you to enjoy your yard without additional upkeep. Our team is skilled and equipped to install a retaining wall and boost the quality of your outdoor space.

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