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Installing Quality Irrigation Systems in Talbott, TN

Enjoy the lush, green grass, thriving plant life and a healthier living environment by choosing Newcomb Outdoors to install your irrigation systems in Talbott, TN and surrounding areas. For over a decade, our trained and certified professionals have helped homeowners achieve the yard and landscape of their dreams. We will assess your property to customize an irrigation solution that keeps your lawn fresh and vital throughout the year.

irrigation watering grass

What an Irrigation System Can Do for You

Putting an irrigation system on your property is a terrific way to nurture your yard and enhance the environment. Irrigation systems spread the water around your property that grows plants and agriculture. Your yard will thrive with lush plant life including flowers, shrubs and grass throughout the year with a quality irrigation system.

The Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System


Our irrigation systems are programmed to act when you want them to. No more wasting money on water usage that doesn't help your yard.


An automatic irrigation system removes the need for watering your yard manually so you can go about your daily life without interruption.


As mentioned above, the pre-programmed irrigation system turns on and off when you want, ensuring every drop of water is used. No more, no less.

Plant Growth

Yard plants and lawns benefit from being watered with small amounts over longer periods. Save water while getting more luscious grass in your yard.

Reduced Weeds

Our irrigation laser targets the areas you want to be watered without excess, keeping weed growth to a minimum or zero.

Honest Irrigation Pricing for Homes and Businesses

We fulfill our services with industry-leading equipment and expertise. You can trust us to complete your project within the desired timeline and offer the most competitive pricing in the area. A quality irrigation system will do wonders for your grass, plants and your quality of life. We’ll provide an irrigation system built to last and satisfy your needs for years.

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