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Start Making Memories in Your Yard

Discover the perks of choosing our patio builder in Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas.

Turning your backyard into a custom outdoor living area has never been easier thanks to Newcomb Outdoors. In Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas. Whether you need more space for entertaining guests or customers or making memories with your family, you can depend on us to build it for you. We’ll do our best to craft a unique feature that exceeds your expectations for a price that fits your budget.

Call us at 336-792-9134 now to learn about the custom patios we construct.

Types of Patio Material We Work With

Patio Restoration
brick patio with seating

When You Hire Us to Build Your Custom Patios, You Can Trust Us to

  • Put your design ideas on paper and work hard to bring them to life.
  • Use quality materials to construct a feature that’s built to last.
  • Make sure your new patio is up to code and safe for everyone to use.

Ready to start relaxing on your custom patio? Contact Newcomb Outdoors today to schedule a consultation with our experienced patio builder.

Why Hire Our Local Patio Builder?

The contractor at Newcomb Outdoors knows a thing or two about building custom patios in Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas. Over the years, our patio builder has designed and crafted countless stone and paver features for commercial and residential property owners throughout the area.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Ask about our Pool, Patio & Retaining Wall combos!