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Choose From Many Different Shapes and Colors With a Brick or Paver Patio

Find a patio design that fits your budget in Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas.

Brick is one of the most popular choices for outdoor features. A brick patio is durable, easy to work with and customizable. Bricks are made by hand and can be created in many different shapes, colors and designs. The price of a brick patio will vary depending on what kind of bricks you use.

A comfortable outdoor seating area doesn’t have to be made of ordinary concrete. You can choose from many different styles and designs when you go with a paver patio. You can find a style that matches your home in both design and color. Newcomb Outdoors is a landscaper and patio builder serving Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas. We’ll help you find the right color of stone and create a unique design that puts a personal touch on your outdoor space.

Newcomb Outdoors provides landscaping services to residents of Morristown, Dandridge, Jefferson City TN & surrounding areas. Our patio builder will help you design a patio that will match your home and go easy on your budget. Speak with our landscaper today to schedule a patio installation.

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Brick Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Brick is a cost-effective patio material that will continue to be more affordable than other options even after it’s installed. Many homeowners choose brick because…

  • It doesn’t fade – Brick doesn’t lose its color over time like some other materials.
  • It’s durable – Brick is extremely weather-resistant. With proper care, a brick patio can last for generations.
  • It’s easy to fix – If a brick is damaged, a skilled patio builder can just swap out the damaged brick for a new one.

Brands We Use

Our team uses these industry-renowned brands to construct the patio of your dreams:


For half a century, Unilock has provided homeowners with products and services to create cherished spaces. Homeowners love Unilock's innovative paving methods for their versatile style and unmatched quality.
Learn More


For over 20 years, Belgard has been one of the nation's top patio and hardscape companies. Belgard is renowned for its inspired aesthetics and devotion to the highest level of craftsmanship.
Learn More

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Pavers Are an Affordable, Long-Lasting Option

Worried about ongoing maintenance costs for your patio? Pavers are a great option for heavily trafficked areas. Stone is resistant to wear and moisture. If your paver patio does get damaged, the broken pavers can be easily removed and replaced. Your patio will look as good as new without an expensive repair bill.

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