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Long-Lasting Gunite Pool in White Pine, TN

Have you ever dreamed of owning a sturdy, low-maintenance and beautiful concrete pool for you and your family to spend endless summers? Do you have questions about the installation and completion of such an undertaking? If so, trust the professionals at Newcomb Outdoors to provide you with a gunite pool in White Pine, TN and surrounding areas. Our team offers quick, quality applications that stay within your budget and schedule, so you can start enjoying your summer rest and relaxation in peace.

What Are the Benefits of Gunite Pools?

Gunite pools are more than just a place for swimming, leisure and relaxation. They are also a wise investment that will add value and appeal to your home if you ever want to sell. But before you reach that point in your life, you’ll enjoy years of outdoor fun and beauty. Here are five reasons why a gunite pool may be right for you:

Flexible Shapes and Sizes

There's no need to reshape your landscape design. Gunite pools are flexible, allowing their shape and size to adapt to your lawn.

Customizable Design and Style

After your gunite pool is installed, you can apply your preferred colors and patterns to create your desired aesthetic.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Any gunite pool owner will tell you that they're built to last and are low maintenance. You'll enjoy a robust, highly resistant pool for years to come.

Quick and Easy Construction

Gunite is applied on-site rather than manufactured elsewhere, moving the process forward faster so you can start swimming sooner.

Boosted Property Value

Your gunite pool's durability, beautiful style and exceptionally low maintenance will add curb appeal and attract potential buyers if your home hits the market.

gunite pool

What Is Gunite Material?

“Gunite” refers to the process of turning unrefined concrete into a strong and durable material that serves as the foundation for your pool. After excavating a pool site, a framework is installed to support the concrete. Gunite combines dry concrete with water to make the concrete wet. A high-pressure nozzle then shoots the wet mixture rapidly towards the pool frame for a fast application. If the job is done right, a gunite pool should be fully cured within a month of application so you can start enjoying your pool sooner.

Your Choice for Durable and Beautiful Pools

Gunite pools are an outdoor haven of fun and an exciting investment opportunity. Contact us today with additional questions about gunite installation, and our friendly contractor will provide the information you need to make the right choice. Give us a call before our summer schedule fills up so we can prepare the team, tools and equipment required to achieve your ideal concrete pool.

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