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Installing Gabion Baskets in Kodak, TN and Surrounding Areas

Are you wanting a different kind of retaining wall? If so, we urge you to consider Newcomb Outdoors for gabion baskets in Kodak, TN and surrounding areas. Our seasoned and devoted contractors are here to provide the information you need on beautiful, efficient and durable gabion retaining walls. Our team will provide a complete installation that elevates your property and keeps it safe year-round.

What Are the Benefits of Gabion Walls?

You may not know what “gabion” means, but you’ve undoubtedly seen them around your community. Here are three reasons why homeowners choose gabion retaining walls for their property and landscaping:

Exceptional Durability

Most gabion retaining walls last 50 years or a century, making them among the longest-lasting options. The rugged rock-and-stone design can withstand the harshest weather elements, and its high tolerance boosts its strength over time.

Highly Adaptable

Over time, outdoor debris accumulates in the gabion boxes, which is positive because the collected debris reinforces and strengthens the wall. Unlike other materials that degrade, gabion walls adapt and flex to changing soil conditions and shifts in the ground.

Built-In Drainage

Do you want to avoid the extra cost and money of installing a drainage system? No problem. Gabion walls are porous, providing openings where water drains with ease. A gabion retaining wall will protect your property during the heaviest rainfall.

gabion baskets

What Is a Gabion Retaining Wall?

You’ve probably seen a gabion retaining wall in your community at some point in your life. Gabion walls are made from wire mesh and have a cage-like appearance. The wire mesh is formed into individual boxes containing rock and stone pieces. A gabion wall prevents soil erosion and removes slopes and hills from properties.

Though gabion walls function like standard retaining walls, their natural, pleasing aesthetic compliments the look and feel of outdoor landscaping work. Gabion retaining walls are exceptionally durable and can withstand the outdoor elements for decades and, in some cases, a century. You can rely on a gabion wall to accent your landscape and protect your property.

Consider a Gabion Retaining Wall Today

If you think that a gabion retaining wall is suitable for you, our team will be here to install yours to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to get started.

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