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Beautiful Boulder Walls in New Hopewell, TN

Have you ever looked outside the window and felt that the bold, rustic aesthetic of stone landscaping would fit your home perfectly? If so, contact Newcomb Outdoors and learn more about our landscaping services and installation for boulder walls in New Hopewell, TN and surrounding areas. Our team has spent over a decade beautifying homes and commercial properties with natural fieldstones and quarry stones that give them a striking, eye-catching appearance for years. Our stone landscaping services add immense depth, dimension and character to residences and commercial properties. We’ll provide services that create a serene outdoor atmosphere that you and your family will love.

What Are the Benefits of Boulder Walls?

Stone walls are among the most popular and admired types of landscape walls. The eye-catching, rustic boulders provide homes with an elevated aesthetic, and their strength and durability are unmatched. If you want a long-lasting wall that adds curb appeal to your home, a stone wall might be right. Here’s why homeowners love stone walls:

Natural Look

A boulder wall is made from natural stones, providing your property with a thoroughly rustic aesthetic.

Wear-and-Tear Resistant

Stone walls stand firm in the face of harsh weather and erosion where other materials might falter.

Versatile Style

Stone walls are offered in a wide range of shapes, sizes and angles to achieve your preferred style.

boulders as a wall

Boulder Wall Styles

Two distinct types of stones are used to construct boulder walls, each offering different sizes and angularities. They are:

  • Fieldstone Boulders: Comprised of stones collected from the earth’s surface.
  • Quarry Boulders: Made from stones located beneath the earth’s surface.

What Are Boulder Wall Factors to Consider?

The following factors will determine your total costs, your wall’s functionality and appearance. Therefore, considering the pros and cons of each is critical to achieving the perfect stone wall for you:


Increasing the size of a stone by a few inches can dramatically increase the weight as well. Ensure you know the size of boulders you want.


Many contractors purchase stones by the ton, so your stone's weight significantly impacts your costs and budget.


Do you want smooth, round stones or rugged, rectangular stones? Stone angularity dictates your wall's style and appearance.


A simple stacked pattern is easier to install, while a random pattern requires more time, skill and money to complete successfully.

For That Unmatched Stone Landscaping Look

It’s not surprising that stone wall landscaping is among the most popular styles for homes and commercial properties everywhere. Stones provide a natural aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the outdoors and with modern properties simultaneously, and their durability and low maintenance ensure quality for years. You can have your own stone wall by contacting us for services today. Our team will provide stone landscaping at the most competitive pricing, so you receive total customer satisfaction within your budget. Give us a call to fulfill your landscaping with a stone wall today.

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